Pinning seasonal content is important if you're an Etsy seller or handmade business owner and want to get more traffic and increase your sales with Pinterest! Find out how in this blog post!

Why You Need to Start Pinning Seasonal Content Right Now

Pinterest users simply LOVE planning for future events & holidays. Pinterest makes this an easy and enjoyable process for them. It’s one of the main reasons the platform is so popular. Since Pinterest folks typically love herding ideas from seasonal home decor to outfits and gift ideas for special occasions, you’ll see a lot of seasonal content on Pinterest.

So what does this have to do with your products? You might be thinking: I thought I’m supposed to be pinning stuff that’s related to my product and my niche.

Even if your products are not directly related to any of the upcoming holidays, pinning seasonal content that engages your audience is still important.


Why pinning seasonal content is important

Let me, for a brief minute, take you back to how the algorhythm (eek, who else hates this word?) works on Pinterest.

Short & sweet: your pins will appear in the search if your account is considered to be sharing quality content.
One of the main indicators for quality content is the amount of engagement your pins get, including your own content, as well as content you share from others. Engagement is if a pinner interacts -enlarges, repins or clicks through- with your pin.

Pinterest keeps tabs on your profile to see how you are doing. It will be more likely to show your content if your pins consistently get good engagement. Consistently curating quality content will enhance your ‘pinning authority’, so to speak. Having more ‘authority’ will help you show up in search results higher, and get you in front of your potential customers faster!

How seasonal content comes into the picture

Seasonal content is always trending on Pinterest. Popular content naturally tends to get high engagement. You can use trending topics to increase exposure for your account.


How to pin seasonal content – The right way

So we’ve established that seasonal content is good for your Pinterest account and you’re about to go hunt down the most popular pins of the season. But before you do, here are 2 important things to remember:


Pin the right things

Seasonal content is not a wildcard to start pinning anything and everything that is trending at the moment. As with the rest of your content on Pinterest,

take a moment to think who you are targeting. Align your approach to seasonal pins to appeal to your ideal customer! 

Are they parents? Or young millenials? The clearer your focus, the more chances you have of attracting the right crowd!


Pin at the right time

Pinterest folks tend to start planning well before everybody else. Your pins can also take some time to reach wider audiences. You need to take all this into account when you establish what seasonal content to start curating at the moment. Generally speaking,

you can start preparing for upcoming events 2 – 3 months in advance!

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How to pin seasonal – And keep your profile tidy

So you’ve got plenty of ideas to get pinning. But how do you actually organize all of this? Should you create a board for each topic separately? Or make one big generic board? What’s best?

If a holiday is closely related to your profile and the type of content you pin by default, then by all means, create a stand-alone board for it. For example, if you sell items that are typically given as gifts, you can totally create a board dedicated solely to Father’s day.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend creating a separate board for each holiday: the more boards you have, the harder it gets to keep things organized. So what to do instead?

Option 1: You can create 1 board for Holidays & Events, and organize your board with the help of board sections. This is a great way to keep things in one place, and allows you to grow with seasonal content without it taking up too much importance or space in your profile.

Option 2: If you think that having that many board sections will get overwhelming for you, you can opt for creating a board by season, e.g. Summer Holidays & Events, Autumn Holidays & Events etc.. and similarly to the previous solution, create board sections for each topic you want to drill down into.

I hope you feel inspired and ready to get pinning! As always, I’d love to hear from you:

Was this post helpful?
How are going to apply what you’ve learnt?

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    1. I’m glad you found it helpful, Lucy! Yes, always pinning the same content gets boring after a while. It’s important to refresh & add new boards from time to time. Holidays & seasons provide so much opportunity to change things up, and pinning trending topics is good for your account! The Trending tab on Pinterest is also a good place to get inspiration from, although sometimes it’s a little lagging behind.

      I’d love to hear what other topics you’d like me to cover next?

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