Pinterest Marketing with seasonal content in June, 4th of July colors

What To Pin On Pinterest In June

Curating seasonal content is a great way to give your account a little extra boost, and gives you the chance to pin trending content beyond your usual topics. No idea why you should care? Click HERE to find out why pinning seasonal content is important and what my recommended best practices are! Father’s Day (26m ideas saved each year by

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Pinning seasonal content is important if you're an Etsy seller or handmade business owner and want to get more traffic and increase your sales with Pinterest! Find out how in this blog post!

Why You Need to Start Pinning Seasonal Content Right Now

Pinterest users simply LOVE planning for future events & holidays. Pinterest makes this an easy and enjoyable process for them. It’s one of the main reasons the platform is so popular. Since Pinterest folks typically love herding ideas from seasonal home decor to outfits and gift ideas for special occasions, you’ll see a lot of seasonal content on Pinterest. So

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