4 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring a Pinterest Manager

How to hire a Pinterest VA for my Etsy shop

You’ve heard other sellers raving about Pinterest and you know it’s the place to be to promote your handmade products. Maybe you even enjoy pinning, but you’re too busy to keep up with yet another thing on your list. Or perhaps you just hate the thought of learning a new system, and want to pass it on to someone who’ll expertly handle it for you. 

Whatever your reasons, you’re ready to take the leap and hire a Pinterest manager.


In this post I’ll cover the 4 most important things you need to know before hiring someone and the caveats to watch out for as an Etsy seller.


1. Understand the difference between a Pinterest VA and a Pinterest manager

First things first, what is it with VA’s and managers? If you’ve been wondering whether there’s a difference between the two, the answer is yes!

A Pinterest manager will typically provide a higher-level service, with the focus on strategy and long-lasting results.

A VA will remain on the level of execution, without the additional input and strategic approach (plainly: take your logins, pin to your boards and keep your account active).

If you know exactly what you want your Pinterest marketing to look like, but are too busy to do it yourself, hire a VA. 

If the reason you’re looking for management services is that you don’t know a thing about Pinterest and want to place your account in the hands of an expert, a Pinterest manager is a better choice.

A Pinterest manager will take the time to understand your brand and target audience so that they 
are able to tailor your pin graphics and Pinterest account to them. 

 They will be able to offer valuable expert insights beyond pinning to your boards.

For example, if you hire a Pinterest manager specialized in working with Etsy sellers, you can expect them to be familiar with the ins-and-outs of Etsy.

They will know the best ways to link a pin to your Etsy listings, the surefire way to make your pins into Rich Pins, and how to make sure that visitors are not shown suggestions from other shops, (and other little pesky Etsy-specific hacks that nobody else knows) ! 

They’ll also be able to offer feedback on your Etsy shop, if necessary, to make sure that your hard-earned clicks don’t go to waste.

A Pinterest marketer specialized in Etsy will know what it takes for clicks to convert into sales, and will be able to provide suggestions to maximize the results from your Pinterest marketing.


2. Set out with the right expectations

Pinterest is not a magic bullet. Don’t expect your sales to skyrocket in a month. Pinterest marketing is a long game and it may take a few months for the results to start showing, especially if your account was not managed well previously. Sometimes a pin picks up months after being uploaded to Pinterest.

This is because Pinterest works differently from other social media. It shows content based on relevance rather than recency, and for this it relies heavily on SEO, and SEO takes time to come into effect (it can take up to 6-12 months to show in Google, yikes!).

So patience and consistency is key. On the up side, your pins will practically live forever on the platform and can drive traffic to your shop forever!

Ps. This is also why many Pinterest managers will require a commitment of min. 3 months of account management services.


3. Determine your budget

Make a list of all the tasks you want your Pinterest assistant / manager to handle, then look at your budget. How much can you realistically afford to spend on developing and maintaining a new traffic source for your shop on the long term? Is your budget in line with your expectations? How much will you need to make in sales to break even? Be clear on your budget before you start interviewing potential candidates.


4. Know what you want (and what you get)

Pinterest management services are available from as little as $150 to $1000+ per month.
The price is usually indicative of the level of experience, the scope and the quality of the services included in your monthly management.

Since you are marketing a product (as opposed to bloggers who are offering free content), your pins have to go the extra mile to get people to click through. 

Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the pin graphics included in your package. 

 Does your candidate have experience with product pins? How many are included? What are they like?
Is it a bare product photo with a logo snapped on it? Or a professional, drool-worthy pin graphic with inspiring captions that make you stop your scroll?

Images are at the heart of Pinterest, and as a product seller, they should be your top priority. If your pins don’t look fantastic, everything else will be in vain.


 These are the 4 most important things you need to know before hiring out your Pinterest management. 

Did you find this helpful? Let me know below! 

If you are ready to hire a Pinterest specialist for your Etsy shop, let’s chat!

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